<aside> 📃 Ratified February 14, 2020


<aside> ✒️ Amended September 13, 2020


Article I: Statement of Purpose

Section 0: Mission

Enable and support the pursuit of entrepreneurship.

Section 1: Goals

ENTP+ aims to:

  1. Give all members of the Case Western Reserve University (“CWRU”) community the opportunity to learn about and participate in entrepreneurship and encourage participation in all ENTP+ activities.
  2. Help ENTP+ members achieve their unique goals as they relate to entrepreneurship.
  3. Educate the CWRU community with real-world examples and experiences of entrepreneurship.
  4. Provide spaces and resources for students to network and drive innovation on campus.
  5. Encourage the consideration of moral and ethical implications as they apply to entrepreneurial decision-making.

Section 2: Affiliation

At the time of formation, ENTP+ did not have any affiliations outside of CWRU.

ENTP+ will work with the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship as its parent organization, but may carry out programming, events, and initiatives independently.

Article II: Membership

Section 1: Non-Discrimination

Membership shall be open to all current students, faculty, and staff of CWRU and the Cleveland Institute of Art (“CIA”) regardless of race, nationality, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or age.